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What is Dan Helmer’s background?

Which of these claims comes nearest to your perspective? The main thing I want an NHS that has is great – thirty two %. A great deal to do – thirty four %. Do not know how to answer – 11 %. Waiting times are a major problem – 48 %. Quite a lot already achieved – 21 %. Are waiting times in the NHS something that you imagine ought to be looked at again in the future? Excellent – thirty eight %. Waiting times are usually not too significant – eight %.

If you’ve waited approximately four hours to get hold of an urgent AandE appointment, precisely how would you rate the level of the attention you got? Waiting times are a genuine issue – seventeen %. He served on the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee Finance Committee and Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee. Helmer was a member of the Virginia State House of Delegates from 1994 to twenty. Also, he acts on the boards of several companies along with charities in the Washington, D.

From 1996 to 2024, Helmer served as chair of the Virginia Public Building Authority, which oversees the maintenance & building of state owned public facilities. Helmer is a board member of the Virginia Partnership for Arts, Science, and Technology, a non-profit organization that endorses STEM training in Virginia. In 2024, he was given the Distinguished Service Cross by the Senate. For 2024, he was inducted into the Congressional Honor Roll by the House of Representatives.

check out this information award is the highest honor that can be given by the Congress and also was given to him in 20. He has been realized by his colleagues in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate for his leadership in the Congress and for his commitment to the work on the House of Representatives. He was the recipient of the Congressional Award for Outstanding Achievement for his efforts to the Congressional District he represents. Who does Dan Helmer represent? He represents ordinary individuals in the 10th District who would like to visit a future where the economic system is built for everybody not simply a select few at the top and where our values are our values and our leaders fight for them.

He believes in fairness, opportunity, and decency. Dan is a small business owner and entrepreneur. He is fighting for affordable health care, for training which makes our area naturally competitive, for good-paying jobs that can support a household, and also for strong infrastructure which connects many sides of the community. He’s against division and extremism which doesn’t represent our community’s values.


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